Talos Arctica™ (soon ready for the users) by Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI Company)  is a state-of-the-art fully automated transmission electron talos-arctica
microscope designed for rapid, stable, high-resolution data collection on frozen-hydrated samples.

  • Electron source Schottky X-FEG using accelerated voltage of 200 kV
  • Falcon III detector operated through the EPU software for automated data collection.
  • Robotic loading of up to 12 frozen samples for increased throughput.
  • Automated data collection mode enabling long unattended operation.
  • Volta Phase plate for increased phase contrast.

The instrument is set up to collect data for single particle electron cryo-microscopy (Cryo-EM). Data collection for electron cryo-tomography (ECT) will also be possible.

Vitrobot by Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI Company) enables highly automated and reproducible vitrification process for sample preparation.






PELCO easiGlow by Ted Pella, Inc. glow discharge cleaning system, optimised for cleaning TEM support grids making them hydrophilic using air.