Cryo-EM Forum@Biochemistry

Everyone is welcome to attend!

In order to promote the use and expand our local knowledge of Cryo-EM technique, we’ve created a Cryo-EM Forum@Biochemistry – a series of informal seminars with invited experts in the area of Cryo-EM.

Organising team: Daniel Bollschweiler, Jamie Blaza and Dima Chirgadze

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Next Talk:

2018, April 25:
Cryo-EM Facility update” by Dr Dima Chirgadze of Department of Biochemistry.

Location: Thomas Lecture Theatre, Sanger Building, Department of Biochemistry
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Past Talks:

2018, April 18:
Electron cryo-microscopy of protein transport and assembly machines” presented by Dr Vicki Gold,  Living Systems Institute (LSI) Exeter.

2017, August 10:
“Subtomogram analysis of the 8(!) kDa gas vesicle protein A” presented by Dr Daniel Bollschweiler of Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.

2017, June 6:
“Studying the evolution of macromolecular machines using high-throughput electron cryo-tomography” presented by Dr Morgan Beeby of Imperial College London.

2016, December  6:
“Single-particle CryoEM specimen preparation and data collection — improving on the way” presented by Dr Shaoxia Chen of MRC LMB.

2016, November 3:
“Cryo-electron microscopy with the Volta phase plate” presented by Dr Maryam Khoshouei of Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry.

2016, October 19:
“Optimal single particle cryoEM data collection: microscope, detector, and dose considerations”. Presented by Dr Kasim Sader of FEI

2016, September 13:
“Reducing specimen movement to improve electron cryomicroscopy” presented by Dr Christopher Russo of MRC-LMB.

2016, July 27:
“Sample preparation for Cryo-EM” by Dr Jamie Blaza of MRC-MBU
“Terms and Conditions of Cryo-EM” by Dr Dima Chirgadze of Department of Biochemistry.

2016, July 6:
“Titan Krios at The Nanoscience Centre. What to do with your Sundays. Access for University users”  by Dr Dima Chirgadze of Department of Biochemistry.

2016, June 24:
First Cryo-EM Forum@Biochemistry Meeting