COVID-19 Post-lockdown Operating Procedures

These will be regularly reviewed.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this difficult period.

Proceed to the booking system ONLY AFTER reading the following.

1. Only two people at any time will be allowed to work in the whole Cryo-EM area at Department of Biochemistry. 
2. A safe distance of 2 meters between individuals must be maintained at all times.
3. No visitors (this includes collaborators) will be allowed access to the department, only departmental members or students.
4. Users are required to read the COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the Cryo-EM area and follow the designated operating procedures (COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the Cryo-EM area).
5. All communications with facility staff via electronic means only.

1. Both Titan Krios and Talos Arctica microscopes are available.
2. Bookings are done via Facility Manager only, please e-mail requests directly to Dima Chirgadze. You will be contacted with an appropriate and convenient date of your slot.
3. Talos Arctica – only 10 grids to be loaded into the microscope per day.
4. Titan Krios – only 5 grids to be loaded into microscope per day.
5. Clipping of the girds to performed by the facility staff only.
6. Users are not to be present during the beamtime session.
7. Multiple dataset collections during a 1-day session are not possible.
8. External users: contact the facility manager at least 3 days before the beamtime for instruction on how to deliver the grids to the facility.

1. Only Vitrobot 1 is available. Location – room 00.07 (i.e. Talos Arctica room). The glow discharger is also located in this room.
2. A new procedure for condensing the ethane safely is now in place (download here).
3. Only users from Department of Biochemistry are allowed to use the instrument.
4. Use storage dewars in room 00.07 only.
5. One user per session, no onlookers.
6. The default session duration is 2 hours. However, the actual use time is only 1 hour 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes of the session are left to ensure there is no overlap. Please plan and book accordingly.
7. The first session of the day is at 10am, the last is at 8pm.
8. All surfaces and equipment must be cleaned after use with 70% ethanol (spray bottle and tissue are provided). Follow the procedures available for each instrument.
9. No facility pipettes, pipette tips, pens or consumables.
10. Wear clean gloves and lab coat when working in the facility.
11. If you require grids storage buttons/tubes, contact facility staff, ahead of the session and the requested amounts will be waiting on the toolbox.

All training sessions are to be suspended until further notice.