There is significant interest in using the instruments in the Cryo-EM Facility, and we intend to allow access to all interested researchers in the Cambridge area. However, priority will be given to members of Departments belonging to the University of Cambridge. To ensure fair distribution of instrument time, Cryo-EM Facility Management Committee comprised of representatives from several Departments across the University of Cambridge will monitor allocation for academic users.

Access charges

Please note that there are access charges related to instrument use, which for University of Cambridge members are as follows (from August 1, 2019):

  • Vitrobot, 2-hour session, £31
  • Talos Arctica, 1-day session (9am to 8am next day), £304
  • Titan Krios, 1-day session (9am to 8am next day), £461

Rates will be reviewed regularly. The 1-day sessions cannot be subdivided into individual hours. Please note, the interactive session will only last from 9am to 5pm, the overnight data collection run must be ready to start by 4:30pm. A highly experienced microscopist will be with you during the interactive session at no extra cost.

For information regarding the rates for external academic groups and industrial users, pleaser contact the Facility Manager directly.

Waiting times

The current waiting times for getting electron microscope time:
– Talos Arctica – contact Facility Manager
– Titan Krios – contact Facility Manager

Information for potential users

Academic research groups and industrial users wishing to use the Cryo-EM Facility will need to contact the Facility Manger – Dr Dima Chirgadze (dyc21 at In your e-mail indicate what you are planning to do (i.e. grids preparation, screening grids, data collection, etc) and what other support may be required.

Authorship and acknowledgements

We follow the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities guidelines. Facility staff must get proper credit where they have made substantive contributions to a project, or where experiments and/or analysis are of a non-routine nature.


We keep a stock of C-clips and Autogrid cartridges, storage boxes and tubes. Please ask us for details.