COVID-19: Revised Services

From March 18 2020, due to staff shortages and Departmental Covid-19 outbreak precautionary measures, we operate a skeleton team only at the facility. This means that it would be difficult for us to run both microscopes at the same time and to provide the necessary support for your experiments. 

Communication: please communicate with us via e-mail. Expect possible delays in replies.

External users: we are still accepting your grids. However, the Department’s policy states that you cannot enter the building. We can pick your grids from you outside of the building. Please e-mail us in advance telling when you are bringing the grids.

Department of Biochemistry users: please do not come down to the facility rooms to see us, use e-mail instead.

Trainings: All training sessions are also to be suspended until further notice.

a) We will notify you via e-mail (may be at a short notice) if your microscope beamtime is to go ahead or to be postponed to a later date. The e-mail will contain a replacement date while the booking system will be updated with the new information. Please respond to the e-mail confirming if the new arrangement is acceptable or unacceptable. If you wish to cancel your current bookings, please notify Dima Chirgadze via e-mail first, do not cancel your beamtime in the booking system. 
b) We also would like to request for all users not to be present during their screening beamtime (the dropbox link with images will be provided) unless the users are performing the screening themselves.
c) We are reducing the number of grids that can be screened per day to 11 grids on Talos Arctica and to 5 grids on Titan Krios. The number includes a grid for the dataset collection.
d) Multiple dataset collections during 1-day session on Titan Krios may not be possible.
Vitrobots: The boxes with tweezers and Vitrobot supplies are now going to be left next to each Vitrobot. We will replenish the supplies once a week. The dewars can still be found in the Talos room, do not use the dewar located in the clipping room.

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