Titan Krios Commissioned!

I am happy to announce that the installation of Titan Krios at the Department of Biochemistry is finally completed. As with Talos Arctica, the installation did take longer that anticipated due to a few issues with the instrument during the installation. The microscope has now passed all Site Acceptance Tests (SATs). The optics/electronics/mechanics are performing well within the specifications. We have acquired a test dataset with Falcon 3 EC detector which extends to 3.9 Angstrom resolution.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Alan Boswell (ThermoFisher Scientific) involved in the installation, and also the Department of Biochemistry support staff (especially Simon Quick, Roger Biamonti, Tom Mayle, Mark Tomlin) for their invaluable help!

If you wish to use the instrument, please, simply e-mail me directly, use “Titan Krios beamtime request” as the subject. I will then assign you a slot on the instrument for now. At a later date, a mechanism for the beamtime application submission will be in place.

Dima Chirgadze

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