Welcome to the Cryo-EM Facility at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge; a cryo-electron microscopy resource for high-resolution macromolecular structure determination using single-particle electron cryo-microscopy or electron tomography techniques. We provide microscope access, training, support and scientific guidance for academic and industrial users wishing to perform Cryo-EM experiments.

The current collection of instruments in the facility include: Talos Arctica 200kV and Titan Krios 300kV cryo-transmission electron microscopes (cryo-TEM) both by FEI (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). Both machines are equipped with autoloaders, Falcon 3 direct electron counting detectors, and Volta Phase Plates for contrast enhancements. The Titan Krios also has a Gatan K2 detector – which will subsequently be upgraded to a K3 detector  – and a GIF Quantum LS imaging filter. Additionally, we provide the necessary equipment required for sample preparation.

The establishment of the Facility was made possible by a substantial grant from the  Wellcome Trust and additional inter-disciplinary collaboration and funding from the following: Department of BiochemistryDepartment of ChemistrySchool of Biological Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine, and the University of Cambridge.

If you are interested in using the facility please contact the Facility Manager
Dr Dima Chirgadze (dyc21 at cam.ac.uk).